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About Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America

Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America is designed to gather eminent professionals and experts from all over the world to share extensive industry-related information and facilitate in-depth communication in the lighting industry. In order to cater for all participants, simultaneous interpretation is provided during the forum.  


Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2017 Overview

Served as an informative platform in the region for industry professionals to share thoughts on the latest technologies and cutting edge topics, Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2017 was one of the most popular and well received concurrent events of InterLumi Panama 2017, exalted by participants for its complete themes and excellent presentations.11 prominent speakers from 7 countries exchanged their abundant expertise and practical experience with the audience in two days.   

“The forum is a great opportunity to transmit and get to know the latest developments in technology. I think it is the right way to reach the public and show new tendencies as well as the advantages of developing smart cities and smart lighting.”

- Martin Arcos Maldonado, Schreder

“The forum themes are very complete and the professionals indicated very necessary technical aspects for the projects. We will bring the useful information back to Guatemala.”

                                                -Héctor Castillo, Grupo Salinas

“In regards to forum, it is a must-see event on every edition. It is systematically managed and there are many ideas coming out that can be discussed further.”

-Rubén Omar Sánchez, Argentine Association of Lighting

In 2018, Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2018 will engage more renowned and prestigious lighting professionals around the world to exchange pioneering ideas on urban lighting, control systems, design trends and renewable energy.