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WHY Panama

Strong Financial sector
Stable Politics

Peace and Serenity, 2 great drivers for your business In Panama, you will enjoy a balanced and peaceful political environment, supported by a group of modern institutions that guide the country’s progress. The democracy and social stability that characterize Panama create a peaceful life, where nationals and foreigners have equial rights and share the same responsibilities.

Dollarized Economy

Since 1904, the US Dollar circulates freely together with the Panamanian currency, the Balboa, which is par with that of the United States.
To this advantage, you can add the fact that the country does not have a central bank and the tax system is territorial.

Free Trade

Panama has more trade agreements than any other country in Central America.

Favorable Incentives

Panama opens a new horizon of opportunities in high yield sectors and excellent future perspectives, such as:

It’s laws, incentives and labor conditions are very favorable, they are designed to facilitate the fast creation of new foreign business. There is a regulatory framework that ensures that the foreign investment regulations remain stable. Each project is protected for 10 years under the Investment Stability Law.


Panama does not have an army and stands out in the world for being a conflict free state. A modern police force, trained to serve the community supported by excellent technology, preserves the life, goods and honor of the country’s population.

Potential Demands for the Power and lighting sector


Panama is a country advancing toward sustainable energy Panama has begun a transformation of its energy matrix to give answer to, and even get ahead of, the demands of the commercial, residential and industrial sectors and contribute to the conservation of the planet'’ natural resources. This effort opens new foreign investment opportunities to develop and implement new technologies in the country.

  • Growing demand

    It is estimated that in Panama the domestic energy demand will increase 5.2% per year between 2014 and 2050. To satisfy the demand, the country is open to foreign investment.

  • Abundance of natural resource

    Panama is rich in water resources, solar light and wind energy, which can be exploited as clean, sustainable energy sources:

    • WATER: large rivers and annual rain precipitation of up to 7000mm.
    • LIGHT: approximately 5.5 daily hours of solar light.
    • WIND: especially in the provinces of Veraguas, Chiriqui and Los Santos,where the average wind speed reaches 4.51m/s, 3.89m/s and 2.82m/s respectively.
  • Interconnectivity

    Due to its strategic location, Panama is key for plans to connect the electric networks of North and South America. Currently, Panama is preparing to complete the Panama-Colombia interconnection project in 2019, which will have a capacity of 600MW. The Trans-Panama pipeline is an oil transportation route that reduces the time and costs between the Atlantic and the Pacific. It has a daily capacity of 860,000 barrels.

  • Cluster of worldwide prestigious companies

    Multinational companies with regional headquarters in Panama under the special SEM regime, among them AES Corporation, Gas Fenosa Natural, Halliburton, SkyPower, ABB, Celsia, Enel Green Power, Unión Eólica, ENGIE and LS Energia, take advantage of important tax, labor and migratory benefits.

  • Dynamic sector growth

    Panama’s electricity, gas and water sector grew and average 10.36% a year between 2006 and 2016.

  • Leadership in clean energy investment

    Panama reached the #2 position in Central America with respect to clean energy investment in 2015, with a total investment of US$1.76 million.

  • Financial and political stability

    The World Bank qualifies Panama as one of the most politically stable countries in America. Also, the country offers very attractive advantages:

    • Dollarized economy.
    • World-class financial center.
    • Very low inflation (currently 0.8%).
    • he greatest credit facility in Central America.
  • The Panama Canal

    The expansion of the Panama Canal is key for the development of Panama’s energy sector. It is estimated that 12 million metric tons of liquid natural gas will cross the canal annually. The North Coast Terminal of liquid natural gas, which will begin operations in 2018, will be the first installation in Panama to receive liquid natural gas ships with loads of 30,000 to 180,000m3. Additionally, the cluster of bunker and other oil derivatives is increasing its storage capacity.

Panama has established tax incentives for the construction, operation and maintenance of clean energy projects, among them:

  • Tax exemption on transmission and distribution.
  • Import duty exemption.
  • Income deductions.
  • Tax exemption on goods and services.
  • Tax incentives for wind energy.
  • Tax incentives for solar energy.


According to reports, the total Latin American lighting market is expected to exceed $6.5 billion by 2020.

The “Regional Lighting Efficiency Strategy” Plan has been implemented in most of the Latin American countries, the inefficient incandescent and halogen lamps are expected to phrase out at the end of 2018

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