NYSERDA focuses on OLED lighting for healthcare industry, partners with OLEDWorks


By BizLed Bureau


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has partnered with OLEDWorks LLC to study OLED lighting for healthcare industry. NYSERDA informed that OLEDWorks is initiating a fresh lighting prototype that will help in saving energy. Also, it will not disturb sleep patterns for patients in healthcare facilities. OLEDWorks will work together with Highland Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, which has created a team of medical professionals to give feedback on the new white and amber OLED lighting system.

Hygienic, flexible and reasonable energy system

This scheme advances Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) approach to build a hygienic, flexible and reasonable energy system for each and every New Yorker by increasing the speed of energy modernization. OLED lights produce little to no heat, give low glare and are extremely energy efficient. Also, the OLED lights are five times more competent as compared to incandescent bulbs and exceed the competence of fluorescent bulbs.

NYSERDA has provided research and development funding of $100,645 to OLEDWorks for development of white and amber OLED prototype. The President and CEO of NYSERDA, John B. Rhodes, said that the scheme is an illustration of the State’s investment in assuring new product expansion under Governor Cuomo. NYSERDA always helps innovators such as OLEDWorks in expanding businesses that bring needed products and services, and make an exciting cleantech area in the State.

The declaration truly complements “Finger Lakes Forward,” a complete blueprint to create economic expansion by building upon the area’s fresh progress and spending in chief industries such as food production, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and photonics. A significant $500 million State venture in the Finger Lakes area through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative, declared by Governor Cuomo in the end of 2015, is influencing more than $2.5 billion in private venture, opening up numerous jobs while offering the basis to make a diverse and highly flourishing 21st century market.

An unprocessed light-emitting diode (OLED) light bulb consists of thin organic layers squeezed in between two electrodes. As soon as electrical current is applied, charge carriers are inserted into the organic layers that release visible light.

No blue wavelengths

Amber OLEDs have no blue wavelengths otherwise present in normal LEDs. These actually disturb sleep patterns. The innovative lighting technology is helpful to hospitals since the amber lighting will not awaken patients, permitting to sleep better. The innovative lighting technology promotes New York State’s energy competence goal to decrease energy consumption in buildings by 23%.

The OLEDWorks Director of Business Development, Giana Phelan said that the excellent light quality of OLED can improve the lighting experience in an extensive range of healthcare applications. She further added that the firm is honoured to work with the brilliant team at Highland Hospital to recognize and examine the highest impact of OLED lighting.

OLEDWorks has acquired five grants to aid develop presentation and decrease the high prices of OLED lighting manufacturing, which will give reasonable, first-class products to help expand the rising OLED market.

Altogether, OLEDWorks acquired $3 million from the Department of Energy and another $1.68 million from NYSERDA over the last three years. OLEDWorks is a giant in the production and expansion of reasonable and new organic light-emitting diode lighting solutions.