Transcript: Interview with Roger Heron, CEO of Sylvania in Panama


Roger Heron, CEO of Sylvania in Panama, spoke to InterLumi. The Sylvania brand is part of the Havells Sylvania Group and is one of the world's largest manufactures of artificial light sources. 


Replied originally in English


InterLumi: First we would be glad to know how would you evaluate this first ever crucial international event in the region?


Roger Heron: In Panama and Central America it is a great opportunity for companies of prestige and leadership in the market as Sylvania. The realization of this meeting is a big step for the region, since it shows that we are able to offer products of the highest quality, manufactured and distributed locally and is no longer necessary nor buy- look elsewhere. At least in our case, since we have our own plant in Costa Rica with UL certification. 


In a more micro-level, what kind of benefits you think InterLumi will bring to your association/company and your members?


InterLumi will definitely be a window to let the world know about us, to show who we are and what we are capable to produce. In Sylvania we are excited to have the opportunity to present our plant in Costa Rica and all the services and solutions we offer, in addition to the LED technology, in which we are leaders from the industrial level until the end consumer. And, on the other hand, also it seems to us that this event will allow us all competitors and market players to have a face to face dialogue about the present and the future of lighting.

How would you comment on the trend of the lighting industry’s development in the next 5 years in LATAM?

New technologies always take a bit to get to Latin America, but it is already happening. What is still missing is regulating prices to suit the purchasing situation in the region. But we are self updating quickly about the importance we are giving to the development of solutions that are friendly with the environment, ie, LED lighting, efficiency and energy saving and intelligent lighting with correct pricing, as we develop in Sylvania for Central America.


InterLumi is not only targeted at providing more optional new vendors from abroad to activate the market’s diversity but also aimed at popping-up the concept of “high-efficiency lighting”. How do you like this?


Although Sylvania offers high efficiency lighting, we now move to the next level, it means, we direct our efforts to develop “intelligent” lighting or smart Lighting. This platform offers greater technological innovation, greater energy savings and more efficient solutions, not just in the domestic level but also in the industrial and public levels. This is the current trend, not only in our market, but in all industries and infrastructure policies worldwide. Cities are becoming smarter and need intelligent lighting solutions.



In your point of view, what are the key factors to determine a successful widespread use of high efficient lighting products? And what are the obstacles we’ll have to remove from the way?


Today it is increasingly difficult in our industry to find bad quality products and solutions and this is a key factor to build consumer confidence in our market. There is a real concern from providers, to develop and produce quality solutions having the necessary safety certifications.


Current generations grow up with the idea that everything that surrounds them, that all they need, should follow these guidelines and also be environmentally conscious with their daily life and spending capacity.  More than an obstacle, in Sylvania we see this as a goal and our challenge is to continue providing quality solutions and continue to receive the trust and affirmation of our customers whom have allowed us to be market leaders.