Transcript: Interview with Ricardo Castillo, General Manager of Light-tec


InterLumi meets Ricardo Castillo, the General Manager of Light-tec, who presents RINTSA. RINTSA is the distributor of LUMO and Light Tech, for high-efficient lighting products.


Ricardo Castillo, the General Manager of Light-tec, presenting RINTSA, spoke to InterLumi.

Replied originally in Spanish


InterLumi: First we would be glad to know how would you evaluate this first ever crucial international event in the region?


Ricardo Castillo: I think it is a very important event where we have the opportunity to present our products in Latin America and which allows us to create new markets for our brands.


In a more micro-level, what kind of benefits you think InterLumi will bring to your association/company and your members?


Brand exposure, creating new markets, increasing sales, market knowledge and networking.


How would you comment on the trend of the lighting industry’s development in the next 5 years in LATAM?


The trend in Latin America is toward technology products which are more efficient such as LED. Prices of new technologies have come down and they have became more accessible to all markets. This will allow the old technologies (less efficient) to be displaced by new technologies with high efficiency.


InterLumi is not only targeted at providing more optional new vendors from abroad to activate the market’s diversity but also aimed at popping-up the concept of “high-efficiency lighting”. How do you like this?


It sounds like a great idea, since the near future indicates that the market is looking for products with high efficiency. LED technology is now accessible to everyone so these new technologies will be completely replacing less efficient technologies in the upcoming years. This technology will be the standard, and that’s why it is important this objective.


In your point of view, what are the key factors to determine a successful widespread use of high efficient lighting products? And what are the obstacles we’ll have to remove from the way?


I think the most important factor is the price, as high-efficiency technologies such as LED had a high cost and therefore were not accessible to most of the market. But today, prices have dropped significantly becoming accessible to everyone. We can find certain LED products with similar prices, and in some cases below, of the prices for less efficient technologies.


We have a very big obstacle that is the change. In Latin America we tend to reject the change and it takes some time to accept new technologies. Today, LED technology can replace perfectly the CFL and Incandescent technologies (color, brightness, etc), but there are still many people who believe the contrary. Because of this we have the challenge of informing consumers to make him migrate to this new technology with high efficiency.