Transcript: Interview with Juan F. Luna, CEO and Founder of ILUMAX S.A.


 Juan F. Luna, CEO and Founder of ILUMAX S.A. from Colombia spoke to InterLumi.


Replied originally in English

InterLumi: First we would be glad to know how would you evaluate this first ever crucial international event in the region?


Juan F. Luna: Great!  Finally! It is more than overdue to have an important Lighting Fair for the Central, Caribbean & Andean Regions. 


In a more micro-level, what kind of benefits you think InterLumi will bring to your association/company and your members?


Establish an important network of contacts, suppliers, and clients interested in the Lighting Sector. Expand our presence internationally.


How would you comment on the trend of the lighting industry’s development in the next 5 years in LATAM?


At last the 120-year-old lighting business is being transformed and revolutionized at a breakneck pace by the LED innovations.  It is very exciting to be a part of this industry, which will change lighting forever.


InterLumi is not only targeted at providing more optional new vendors from abroad to activate the market’s diversity but also aimed at popping-up the concept of “high-efficiency lighting”. How do you like this?


Perfect since part of our job as lighting professionals is to help the lighting sector to be viewed as “high efficiency – high tech” and not so much as a plain old commodity.  We need to foster the adoption of new technologies and work closely with constructors, architects, designers in order for them to understand all the possibilities that lighting now provides.


In your point of view, what are the key factors to determine a successful widespread use of high efficient lighting products? And what are the obstacles we’ll have to remove from the way?


As the price points of LED lighting products continue to fall, the payback – return on investments for high efficiency lighting projects will dramatically increase.  This is now happening at a very fast pace.  Thus, I would expect the adoption rate of LED lighting products to increase exponentially in the next five years.


We need to do a much better job as an industry in providing relevant information, communication, training of many professionals and people interested within the lighting eco-system.  The lighting sector has been for 120 years a very massive-boring and commoditized incandescent centered industry.  Thus, there was very little to learn and know.  This has changed and the industry needs lots of new professionals and do a better job in promoting its products and providing value add to customers.