Transcript: Interview with Anna Marie Chen, Engineer at Eco Leader in Panama


Anna Marie Chen, Engineer at Eco Leader in Panama, spoke to InterLumi. Eco Leader Holding S.A. is a distributor of lighting that is revolutionizing the industry with LumiTar products from Finland.

Replied originally in English


InterLumi: In a more micro-level, what kind of benefits you think InterLumi will bring to your association/company and your members?


Anna Marie Chen: We think that as a new company, bringing together new technologies in the field of illumination, that this international trade fair will help us inform and educate a large audience about where the future of illumination is going and what are the most innovative trends in Europe at this moment, that is not known yet in the Americas.  Also, we expect to be able to find new partners/distributors for these new technologies in neighboring countries.


How would you comment on the trend of the lighting industry’s development in the next 5 years in LATAM?


With more focus on the climate change and the need to reduce the emissions of greenhouse effects, as well as the need for more energy savings products, we believe that LATAM should focus more on those issues than in pricing and old/obsolete technologies.


InterLumi is not only targeted at providing more optional new vendors from abroad to activate the market’s diversity but also aimed at popping-up the concept of “high-efficiency lighting”. How do you like this? 


This for us is a great initiative, and very necessary, because that is one of our company’s major concerns and goals. We think that every time you gather innovative companies, we (users, distributors and factories) are able to create a dialogue to compare and contrast better solutions and practices in our countries to help save our planet.


In your point of view, what are the key factors to determine a successful widespread use of high efficient lighting products?




Seeing is Believeing

Not everything written is true. 

Performance matches the described benefits.


And what are the obstacles we’ll have to remove from the way?


Bureaucracy and lack of knowledge, especially in the governments.

Lack of interest, and failure to accept new technologies and trends. 

Economic aspect, even if at the long run it will help reduced tremendously the costs.