It is ‘head over heels’ for LED lighting, says GE


By BizLED Bureau

Better light quality, green factor, less power consumption are few of the major reasons why LED is a sure shot winner. Finding favours and love from all leading manufacturers, GE has devised a unique approach this Valentine season. The cleverly written marketing stunt was to highlight that GE will discontinue the manufacturing of CFL bulbs in the U.S. market. It has major plans to shift its focus in general lighting towards LED bulbs by 2016 end.

One of the several reasons were cited GE behind the changing business strategy. Next in line would be  stricter ENERGY STAR’s luminous efficiency standards slated to be rolled out in 2017 that would be difficult for CFLs to compete with.

It is ‘head over heels’ for LED lighting, says GE

Consumers have become more savvy with savings and with changing business strategy, companies have adopted the pattern due to high influx and penetration of LEDs in consumer and commercial market. The CFL market is already on a decline as an estimated 15% of consumers have already tried the new generation lighting. Experts at GE estimated that about 50% of consumers in US residential market would install LED lights, while CFL demands will see a downward trend by three times in next 5 years.

Due to large scale production, prices of LED bulbs have fallen further making the price nearing to CFLs. Higher efficiency rates (lumen per watt), dimming controls, instant lightening are definitely the positive sides which consumers are considering as well.

GE cited the above factors which were instrumental in making a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour and buying patterns.  In an official statement, GE revealed that it will assist retail partners like Walmart and Sam’s Club in making CFLs transition to LEDs

In a statement, GE also highlighted it will be assisting retail partners including Walmart and Sam’s Club in the transition from CFL to LEDs.