Listing the best LED bulbs of year 2016!


By BizLED Bureau

Feb 3, 2016: There has much been talked about how LEDs bulbs will take over the incandescent bulb which has ruled over the years. With changing times, climatic control and heat emissions form top agenda of governments and related organizations alike. In lighting industry, usage of LED bulbs and other related products will ease off the burden from the current form as prices are getting lower making them affordable. From fancy floodlights to bargain-priced gems, we bring a list of some of the better products available in world market today.

Listing the best LED bulbs of year 2016!

Cree 60W Replacement LED

This replacement LED bulb boasts of a satisfying performance and comes with a 10-year warranty. Leading the sector, it comes with a power packed combination of price and output, works best in galleries or aisle.

Price: $8.97 – $11.99

Osram 60W Replacement Ultra LED

This LED bulb from Osram peaks at its performance level with visible LED brightness, strong dimming performance and efficient design. Economically sound, it scores a second on warranty front.

Price: $14.36 – $20.10

GE 100W Replacement LED

It offers superior color quality, a better design to manage heat compared to its closest competitors and breathtaking performance on dimmer switches. The color quality has an impact as it uses more lumens per watt. This product from GE is still a winner considering all-round performance.

Price: $18.50 – $22.99

Philips 60W Equivalent LED

This quality product from Philips offer excellent light without any flickering while using dimmer switches. A little high on the pricing, the product stands out for your choice of dimming lights.

Price: $10.97 – $11.99

Green Creative BR30 Cloud LED

Excellent results for brightness and efficiency, this product comes with a unique design and keeps the heat at bay. With a little fall in color rendering, Cloud LED is a solid, value-for-money product.

Price: $11.18 – $16.99

Source: CNET