9 hottest trends in LED lighting technology


By BizLED Bureau

The standard list of 9 best trends within the LED industry is not easy to encapsulate. But, we have tried to squeeze the best and hottest technology trends in LED lighting right now:


The next hottest and the most happening front in lighting is controls. Dimmers and sensors have been around for years and efforts are underway to make them more sophisticated, and get them to communicate with other devices along with usability and energy saving techniques.

Internet of things

Another hot aspect linked with the term ‘Internet of things’ is not just being connected computers and smartphones that are connected to the web, but also your fridge, your heart monitor and LED lights. You only have to add a few sensors or cameras and some kind of data connection.

Built-in light sources

Because LED light sources are not replaced very often, and because there are currently no standards manufacturers are using to build them into fittings, rather than designing replaceable ‘lamps’ and new luminaires around.

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Emerging Power technologies

New power technologies are appearing to exclude drivers powering LEDs. For example – Iviti is loaded with a lamp called DC LED chip that needs no driver at all, sells a power system for lighting using a central hub, with each fitting connected to a bus cable, directly. Electricity through data cables is the latest innovation is power-over-Ethernet.

No wires

Wireless lighting control is appealing for retrofit projects. Another trend will be radio-frequency-based systems, which will use main power lines to carry data to and from your fittings.

Healthy lighting

Light influences our patterns at work output, how well we learn and how quickly we recover from any illness in few respects. Rise of LEDs demand means it’s getting easier and cheaper for lighting manufacturers to put this knowledge into practice and manufacture products that promote health.

 LEDs rage

The trend in accepting LEDs is getting in gradually. Few workplaces slowly but steadily embraced the efficiency levels of LED lights. Many major sporting events have switched from old methods to new trend.

The flight to quality

Renewed focus and competition to provide better LED products will constantly benefit the consumer.

 Beyond light

Lighting isn’t light any more. It’s about data running from one end to another. Technologies like Li-Fi and Indoor positioning are based on visible light communication. It’s poised to transform our homes and businesses to new level.