Small units to adopt IC LED technology to produce cheaper LED lights


By BizLED Bureau

Small-scale units involved in the production of cheaper LED lights are awaiting the latest IC LED technology from China, which will replace the traditional LED boards and driver circuit in the product with a compact design. IC LEDs, having ultra-thin shape and easy-to-assemble method, assure very low power consumption compared to their larger predecessors and are quite cheap also.

To keep themselves abreast with the technological advancements, local manufacturers are on a visiting spree to China to bring home the technology for a LED light revolution. Some of them are importing the product from China and selling it at a reasonable rate to compete with big brands in the sector.

An Indian entrepreneur, who recently visited China, to learn more about the technology and introduce it to small-scale entrepreneurs, said that these IC LEDs are ultra-thin, cost-effective and easy-to-use in any of the specially designed fixture shades. Even a technically incompetent person can assemble this product and directly plug in to use at home. With the Chinese technology, a unit can manufacture a 9-watt LED bulb for just Rs 140 and 12-watt bulb for Rs 200. At present, the small-scale units in India sell a 6-watt LED lantern for Rs 1,200. This price could be reduced to half with the introduction of IC LEDs. The new product is more durable also and assures superior luminescence.

This Indian entrepreneur attended over 100 training classes in the manufacturing of LEDs for various self-help units in his home state. He says that the IC LEDs will revitalize the sector with its special features like over-temperature protection, high-voltage resistance, short-circuit protection, surge immunity and high luminous efficacy. It provides excellent heat dissipation and low luminous decay also.