MLS plans to keep Osram brand name even after acquisition


(Resourece: Biz LED) 

Nearly seven months after the German lighting giant Osram revealed its plans of spinning off its traditional and LED luminaire and lighting business, Chinese LED manufacturers MLS and Shanghai Felio Acoustics have shown interest in acquiring Osram’s general lighting business.

In an interview with LEDinside, at Taipei Building Show organized by Dollar International Industry, MLS General Manager Lawrence Lin discussed about his company’s ongoing talks with Osram. Lin said that MLS and Osram are still discussing the acquisition details but declined to reveal financial details. He said that MLS will keep the Osram brand name if it acquires its lighting business and added that MLS and Osram brand lighting products would co-exist, with the MLS brand targeting the Chinese market and Osram brand positioned in international markets.

Lin said they hope to be able to collaborate with Osram Opto in LED chip and wafer technology. If MLS successfully acquires Osram’s lighting business, it will integrate a comprehensive supply chain from LED chips down to end products. The deal, if materialized, would see both horizontal and vertical integration. If the deal goes smoothly, MLS would complete acquisition talks with Osram by second quarter of 2016, informed Lin.

Lin elaborated that MLS could assist Osram reach its profitability goals by using its expertise in affordable lighting solutions to help the company lower its production costs.