Gustavo Mañez will participate in the Design + Lighting Congress


PANAMA CITY, Panama, May 8, 2019 – The Design + Lighting Latin Congress 2019 which will be held at ATLAPA Convention Center on July 25 and 26, 2019, will include the participation of Gustavo Mañez, who currently is the Regional Coordinator of Climate Change for Latin America and the Caribbean of United Nations.

Mañez worked at the UN Environment Division in Paris, in Energy, Climate Change and Technology areas, where he coordinated global energy efficiency initiatives such as Lighting and U4E. He also led the organization's initiatives in Asia and Pacific, as well as the Technological Needs Assessment program within the framework of the Convention on Climate Change.

He has experience in environmental governance and chemical product management at UNITAR, in Switzerland and Africa. He also has a Master's degree in Environmental Policies and a law degree.

El The Design + Ligting Congress 2019 will be held at the La Huaca Theater, at ATLAPA Convention Center, in Panama City, Panama.


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