A new lighting system for Panama La Vieja


PANAMA CITY, Panama, April 24, 2019 – Panama City will celebrate 500 years of foundation in August which makes it the oldest city in the Latin American Pacific Coast. For that reason, it will be illuminated in order to enhance the site as a historical world heritage.

There are only 4 months left (August 15) for the anniversary celebration, and the old city is about to become the main theme for several events that seek to commemorate this monumental complex.

One of them is Interlumi Panama 2019 The International Lighting and Power Expo, which will be held from July 25 to 27.  Interlumi Panama 2019 will host the Design + Lighting 2019 Congress.

The main topic of the conference is lighting of historical monuments, in which experts will present practices, projects and technologies on this area of architectural design and will focus on Panama La Vieja.

At Design + Lighting 2019 Congress, representatives of Signify -formerly known as Philips- will explain the plans of an artistic lighting of old city and the launch of an application for smartphones that will control the colors projected on the monuments.

Signify´s marketing officer for Latin America, Oskia Leyun explained to Acan-Efe how they have worked along with the Board of Directors of Panama La Vieja in order to create a connected and sustainable lighting system with state-of-the-art technology worldwide.

It consists of a complete lighting plan for the ancient city. In a first phase, the main places of the project are Torre Mayor, Terrin, Cabildo and La Concepcion Convent.

Leyun added that Signify will use SunStay Solar luminaires for the roads that connect the monuments, with zero regular electric consumption, because of the solar panels which provides energy to the system. 

"Monuments will be illuminated with products of Color Kinetics technology to enable the color change and the lighting show inside the buildings to simulate life, the application will allow the interaction and personalization of lights, and will be accessible to all the visitors", explained Leyun.

The executive director of Panama La Vieja, Julieta de Arango said that the project will implement a model where architecture and monuments will be the main attraction.

"The facade of the tower and the site have a very simple lighting that does not really highlight the beauty of the monuments, with this Signify project we hope to turn Panama La Vieja into the first 'Smart City' in Central America," the executive predicted.

Both representatives will have a space at Design + Lighting 2019 Congress, which will give an exhibition to stimulate and develop the lighting and energy sector within the region, as well as provide a portal for international exhibitors to enter this emerging market.

The Design + Lighting 2019 Congress will be held on July 25 and 26, at ATLAPA Convention Center, during Expo F and InterLumi Panama 2019 international fairs.

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