Sunvienergy-Soluções de Energia, Lda - Welcome to booth No. S60


Company name:   Sunvienergy-Soluções de Energia, Lda. 

Country: Portugal 

Company description: Sunvienergy is a company specialized in engineering projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Sunvienergy offers solutions based on the use of innovative technologies that boost renewable energies and promote the rational and efficient use of energy.

Products / Brands to be showcased: Within our products, we highlight our fully autonomous poles which powered by photovoltaic solar energy. Solar poles were developed to be independent, sustainable and durable, possessing high quality and guaranteeing financial return. The Smart Post is a completely independent solution of the electrical network, with the integration of Solar Photovoltaic technology that allows the integration of Solar Lighting, Security System - CCTV, Internet Access System HotSpot (Wi-Fi), Panic Button / SOS, IP Audio System and Natural Hazard Alert System.

We also have the Smartconnect - centralized lighting management via radio. Smart Connect is a system designed and developed by Rederia Innovation, consisting of an electronic device and management software, in addition to the Central Gateway that allows communication with the "Energy Control Unit RF" modules. Each module is incorporated in each luminaire with the aim of being able to control the ignition, switching off and intensity of luminosity in each one of them individually or in a network, in order to guarantee the effective reduction of the costs. ENERGY CONTROL UNIT RF for electrical consumption .

Targeted visitors: Distributors of new energy products.

Stand No: S60



 Featured products: renewable energies