Echelon Corporation - Welcome to booth No. G09


Company name: Echelon Corporation

Country: USA

Company description:

Echelon is the original Internet of Things (loT) company, with 25 years’ experience in connected controls. Our products are installed in thousands of buildings and hundreds of cities, making 140M+ connections to “things.”  We put the smart in smart cities, leveraging LED streetlight-based networks. Come see how easy it is.


Products / Brands to be showcased:

Proven intelligent street light control system for Smart Cities and campuses. Reduce energy and maintain costs, and improve safety.

Targeted visitors: Smart cities and Campuses

Featured products:

Echelon is one of the three largest smart streetlight control manufacturers in the world. The Company's newly updated LumInsight system has three primary components: a cloud-based central management system, programmable IoT edge server gateways, and intelligent control nodes.

• The new LumInsight Cloud CMS allows cities and campuses to control and monitor lighting schedules and levels by pole, street, neighborhood, or city. It can also be used to control a wide variety of smart city applications and devices, and features an open API to enable third party developers and system integrators to expand the system. The secure, easy-to-use system allows managers to customize reports and alarms.

• The new LumInsight IoT Gateway is an edge server with distributed intelligence for managing and monitoring infrastructure across a city-wide network.

• The new TOP900TLX-E is a plug-and-play wireless connected lighting control node. It has GPS to simplify installation, revenue-grade metering for tracking electricity use, a sensor to provide alerts of pole knock-downs from accidents or natural disasters, and continual reports on light status and electricity consumption.

• The new LumInsight CLP4000 Power Line Controller is designed for smart lighting applications using reliable and secure communications over power lines, in applications like tunnels and decorative lighting fixtures.

Project Examples

Echelon is a leading player in the Smart City transformation revolution, with street light based controls deployed in more than 150 cities. Examples include:


City of Oslo:  55,000 Lights


City of Paris:  80,000 Lights


Guangdong Province, China:  130,000 Lights



Other Recent Echelon Smart City projects include:

City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Project:  City-wide LED and wireless control implementation provides personalized neighborhood lighting profiles. Wireless control of 5,000+ street lamps,
Benefits: Lower energy and CO2, Ability to dim non-essential lights by 50%, Lower maintenance costs, Fixture independent controls, Self-managed software, Neighborhood-specific control to meet resident preferences and reduce light pollution
Results:   77% reduction in CO2, energy, and costs, Energy savings of $500,000 per year
Press Release:  Cambridge Press Release 

City of Bellingham, Washington
Project:  Combined Wireless and Powerline control platforms for coordinate fixture control from single CMS interface.  
Benefits:  Upgraded 3,615+ legacy streetlights, reduced utility and operational costs, improved safety, eliminated over lighting, Maintained fixture aesthetics
Results:  Energy savings of 70%, Energy cost savings of $240,000 per year, reduced carbon emissions
Press Release:  Bellingham Press Release

University of California, Davis
Project:  4,000+ lights wireless control, adaptive dimming, time of day dimming, astronomic schedule
Benefits: Reduce Energy Consumption, meet 2020 objectives, Improve Safety, Eliminate over lighting, tailor lighting
Results:   86% reduction in energy costs, $444,480 in operational savings, Improved Light Quality, Enhanced Safety, Reduced Liability
Press Release: UC Davis Press Release

City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Project: 1200+ Smart Street lights with wireless control,

Benefits: Reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, improve safety.

Results: Expected to save the City over $1m/year in reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Press Release: Rancho Cucamonga Press Release

City of Goldendale, WA

Project: Upgrade City’s entire street light grid to a smart LED system using Echelon controls

Benefits: Lower utility bills, improve lighting conditions for Goldendale Observatory State Park.

Results: Predict 60-70% savings on lighting bill

Press Release: Goldendale Press Release

Other recent projects yet to be announced by name include two cities in New England, each with over 3500 lights, a city in Silicon Valley with over 5000 lights, and a city in Canada with over 2000 lights.

Each of these locations utilize combinations of Echelon’s Smart City-building network and controls infrastructure, providing immediate cost savings and safety benefits, and the platform for the deployment of future tools and sensors.