Panama Needs More Electricity


Source: centralamerica data

Construction projects for water treatment plants, and extensions to the Metro and the airport, are works that will considerably increase demand for electricity in the coming years.

According to the National Interconnected System Plan 2017-2031, construction of several water purification plants in different areas around the country will increase demand for electricity, as they are " ... installations with intensive consumption of electricity, which require a timely forecast of the power required."

Another project that will put upward pressure on energy demand is " ... the Massive Transportation System of the city of Panama, "Metro", an energy-intensive consumer sector."


Regarding this transport system, the report explains that "... From the implementation of the first phase of Line 2, the demand for electricity services is expected to initially increase by 12 MW, up to the year 2021, growing to 14 MW, over a period of four years, with demand from the new Line stabilizing up to year 2035, which is the goal of the initial scenario of total mobilization of mass urban transport, in the city of Panama."


In relation to the Master Plan for the expansion of Tocumen Airport, the document explains that in a moderate scenario there will be “... an additional demand of 3 MW, with an estimated annual consumption of 73.15 GWh. For the High Demand Scenario, it is foreseen that the implementation will be ready in the year 2020, which will bring forward the estimated parameters of demand and consumption."