GAMASONIC ARGENTINA SRL - Welcome to Booth No. H05



Country: Argentina 

Company description:

GAMASONIC is an Argentine company, manufacturer of emergency lighting equipment. For more than 30 years they have been in the sector of emergency lighting and have been a specialist in this field.

They have different product lines: domestic, professional, industrial, exit signs, emergency kit, etc.  


Products / Brands to be showcased: Argenta Slim, DL20L, EBM, GX2F, GX3F, GX12, WALLY

Target visitors/countries: Companies in the electrical, lighting and industrial sectors

Featured products:

Their products are differentiated by their excellent quality, price and performance.

All their new line of products are developed with lithium-ion batteries, which have the following benefits:

Useful life of approximately 5 years, withstand about 1200 loading and unloading cycles, smaller and lighter, economical in price and in consumption, without any maintenance, etc.  

Product Highlights:

Professional line: Frog and Wally

Industrial Line: GX2F and GX3F

Line GX12:  2 versions of emergency exit signs, White and Gray versions.

EBM line: different types of emergency kits.