Slight Rise in Construction Prices in 2017


Source: Centralamerica Data

The 12% increase in electricity and lighting prices and 7% in those of metals and their derivatives, explained part of the 4% Yoy increase registered up to December 2017 in Nicaragua.

In contrast to the increases in prices recorded by most materials, slight reductions were reported in the case of wood and ceilings (-0.5%), and toilets and floors (-2.5%).


From a report by the Central Bank of Nicaragua:


The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) published statistics on the Construction Materials Price Index (IPMC) corresponding to December 2017.  The results indicate that the IPMC reported a year-on-year growth of 4.1 percent in relation to December of the previous year (3.8% in November 2017 and 1.6% in December 2016).


Of the five chapters that make up the IPMC aggregate, electricity and lighting registered the highest growth (12.3%), followed by metals and derivatives (6.9%), and cement and derivatives (4.7%).  On the other hand, decreases were observed in wood and roofing (-0.5%) and toilets and floor sections (-2.5%).


It should be noted that December’s inter annual growth also corresponds to cumulative growth in the year 2016 for both the PICM as well as the chapters in it.