Panama $145 million for Urban Development


 Source: centralamericadata

With an investment of $145 million over a period of 10 years, the Mayor's Office of Panama is proposing to reorder the area of San Francisco, in Panama City.

The Mayor's Office intends to reorganize a town that in recent years has registered a strong increase, both in the development of residential and commercial projects. The proposal by the Mayor's Office, which is under public consultation until December 1, includes an investment of $145 million in urban development, mobility and infrastructure, over the next ten years.


"... The plan presents the need to establish a new development regulation for the town, the public investments that are needed to promote that development in an integral manner, as well as the requirement to establish a management entity that allows the proposals to be implemented." reports that "...San Francisco residents oppose the plan, arguing that "... more than regular new construction, significant increases are proposed in height in large sections of the neighborhood, including Paitilla and Punta Pacifica. In addition, it states that there is an excessive strain on existing infrastructure, which is affecting provision of public services for water, electricity and sewage."