Shopping Centers to Be Constructed in Central America




In the past 12 months, 165 environmental impact studies, valued at $350 million, were submitted for the development of shopping centers, supermarkets, department stores and other types of commercial buildings in the region.

Panama is where the largest amount of investment is concentrated, with about $197 million in commercial construction projects, corresponding to 100 environmental impact studies submitted between September 2016 and August 2017. The projects include construction, in the province of Panama, of "Centro Comercial Mallorca Park", and the supermarket "Pricesmart Metro Park".


In Costa Rica, 47 EIAs were submitted, which together amount to an approximate investment of $109 million. The buildings that stand out are the "Walmart Ciudad Quesada" and the "Centro Comercial Santa Ana Town Center" projects, in the provinces of Alajuela and San José, respectively.


In Guatemala 12 studies were submitted for construction of commercial infrastructure. The projects require an estimated investment of $21 million, and highlights include the development of "Pricesmart Zona 5" to be built in Guatemala City.


In Honduras, 2 EIAs were processed to build two shopping centers with an estimated investment of $18 million.


The 165 studies that were submitted include several types of commercial projects, among them shopping centers, supermarkets, department stores, extensions and modifications to commercial buildings, and others.