InterLumi Panama 2018 Continues to Integrate Industry Players to Promote Energy Efficiency


Being an international lighting fair held in Panama from 11 to 13 July, 2018, InterLumi always strives to promote the development of energy efficiency in the region and  intergrate significant industry players in order to serve as a platform for the latest technologies and trends in terms of efficient lighting and renewbale energies. 


With the aim of propeling sustainability, InterLumi Panama 2018 actively participates in events that promote energy savings through the implementation of new technologies. On October 10th, InterLumi was invited to take part in the “Green Cities Conference” held at Católica Santa María La Antigua University (USMA by its acronym in Spanish). The conference was attended by over 400 students and professors from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Mr. Rafael Galue, Business Development Manager of America Expo Group (organizer of InterLumi Panama), was proud to be invited to speak at the conference together with Ms. Ana Aguilar, Head of Climate Change Division of MiAmbiente and Mr. Gustavo Franco, Commercial Manager of CELSIA.

Being a representative from the government division, Ms. Ana Aguilar affirmed the government’s efforts in relation to climate change and its determination to minimize the impact of climate change on the city through the adoption of renewable energies. She also mentioned that the use of efficient lighting is an important part of this mission, which gives out a sign that Panama is currently in demand for efficient energy solutions. Her speech was followed by Mr. Gustavo Franco’s presentation on “Sustainable Cities”. Mr. Franco pointed out that the company he represents is committed to the development of new technologies for energy savings and the promotion of building green cities, which will attract increasing companies with efficient solutions to take a share in the market.

The conference was concluded by Mr. Rafael Galue’s speech on InterLumi Panama’s role as an effective platform to connect the industry players and put together the public sectors and the private companies. In addition, Mr. Galue also introduced Interlumi’s concurrent event, Efficient Lighting Forum, to all attendees as it is designed to enlighten the industry by gathering eminent professionals and experts from all over the world to share extensive industry-related information and facilitate in-depth communication at the fair.

USMA has been very supportive of InterLumi’s approach to promoting energy efficiency. It will work alongside with America Expo Group to encourage students to participate actively in InterLumi Panama 2018, which will provide an excellent environment for the future industry professionals to build skills and inspire them to make contribution to energy efficiency in the future. 

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InterLumi Panama is an international lighting trade fair organized by America Expo Group (AEG), whose business is specialized in emerging market, mainly in Panama at present. Thanks to the geographic advantages of Panama, AEG will launch more trade-oriented events in various industries by combining its regional sources with the global network. The event will take place from 11-13 July, 2018 at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama. For more information, please visit or email


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