Upcoming Public Infrastructure Projects in Central America


Source: CentralAmerica Data

Of the 10 most important public construction projects for which Environmental Impact Studies (EIAs) were submitted to the respective authorities in Central American countries between August 2016 and July 2017, the most noteworthy are three that are to be developed in Costa Rica, with an estimated total investment of $437 million.


In terms of investment value, there are four projects in Panama with an investment of close to $390 million, and three projects in Nicaragua, with an estimated investment of $168 million.


The three projects to be developed in Costa Rica are the "Fifth Extension of the Metropolitan Aqueduct of the AYA ", the "Construction of the Judicial Complex in Hatillo " and the project entitled "Improvement and Renovation of National Route 16 Naranjo-Paquera".


The four projects to be implemented in Panama are the construction of the " ITSE ", the "Study, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a wastewater collection and treatment system in the City of Santiago, Veraguas", the "Sanitation of the Arraiján Cabecera sector and surrounding areas" and the "Study, design, equipment, construction and start-up of a comprehensive educational and cultural center in the city of Chitré (CIEC)."


In Nicaragua an EIA was submitted for the road project "Connection with the Caribbean", construction of the "San Juan Pablo II Catholic University Hospital", and the drinking water system "Water Project in Bilwi".