New Brand "Made in Panama"


Resource: Centralamerica data

The Assembly has passed a law creating a distinctive logo for Panamanian products or those manufactured in the country, with the caption "Made in Panama".

From a press release by the Assembly:


The plenary of the National Assembly approved, in the third debate, Project No. 507, which creates a distinctive logo for Panamanian products or products manufactured in Panama, so that they do not get lost in the swell that they evidently have in the markets of this country, and with the desire to strengthen the internal market, with the aim of protecting Panamanian jobs.


According to its proponent, the deputy Quibian Panay, with this bill nationals and foreigners will be given the opportunity to choose, with ease, if they prefer to do so, as the only intention is to benefit the domestic market. With this measure, the country opens up to the entry of a multiplicity of products that will meet the needs and tastes of consumers, said Panay.