Panama Metro Line 2 to Expand


Resource: centralamerica Data

A feasibility study is being carried out for the extension of Line 2 into the financial zone and then extending it up to Paitilla, instead of ending it at Urracá Park, as originally planned. reports that "...According to Panama Metro's Planning and Development Director Ana Laura Morais, they are waiting for the results of the passenger demand and the feasibility study for the route, in order to decide if it would be better to develop Line 2 A towards the banking area or to maintain the original route going to Urracá Park."


Metro officials also noted that the initial idea of Line 2 A of the Panama Metro, which will start from the Ricardo J. Alfaro route, could also see some changes.


"... These projects are part of the pre-feasibility study of the Metro master network carried out by Japanese companies Nippon Koei Co. Ltd and Nippon Koei LAC Inc., together with France's Sytra grouped under the Nippon Koei Lac-Sytra consortium."