Central America: $1.2 billion in Energy Projects


Source: centralamerica data


Between May 2016 and the same month in 2017, 27 environmental impact studies were presented in the countries of the region for development of energy generation projects.

The interactive platform "Construction in Central America", compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, includes an up to date list of public and private construction projects for which environmental impact studies (EIA) were submitted to the respective institutions in each country.
Panama is the Central American country where the largest investment is concentrated, with an estimated $877 million in energy generation projects, corresponding to 10 environmental impact studies submitted between May 2016 and the same month in 2017.
It is followed by Costa Rica, where 7 EIAs were submitted, with an investment of approximately $254 million. Of the total projects, 5 correspond to wind power generation, one to solar energy generation and the other to the construction of a hydroelectric plant. 
In Guatemala, two studies were presented for hydroelectric construction and one for power generation using a steam turbine. The 3 projects add up to an estimated investment of $24 million.
In El Salvador, 5 studies were submitted for installation of solar energy generating systems and one of generation from biogas. Total investment for the projects is approximately $7 million.