Efficient Lighting Forum 2017- Dr. Abdiel Osvan Pino, UTP, Basic Concepts of Radiometry and Photometry Applied to Efficient Lighting Systems


InterLumi Panama is glad to welcome our repetitive speaker, Dr. Abdiel Osvan Pino from Technological University of Panama (UTP) to present at Efficient Lighting Forum 2017. 

Dr. Abdiel Osvan Pino, Professor / Researcher

Technological University of Panama (UTP)

Member of the National System of Investigation (SNI)


Basic Concepts of Radiometry and Photometry Applied to Efficient Lighting Systems


Lighting plays a vital role in the development of current social, commercial and industrial activities. Technology has evolved into lighting systems capable of adapting to current requirements while simultaneously being more energy efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the fundamental concepts of Radiometry and Photometry in every lighting design.

Radiometry describes the transfer of energy from a source to a detector, admitting the validity of geometric model of trajectories, and the conservation of energy along the ray tube. Consequently, the possible effects of interference and / or diffraction are not considered significant.

When this energy transfer from emitter to the detector normalizes to the spectral response of the eye of a human observer, it is called Photometry. Radiometric and photometric magnitudes are usually differentiated using the subscripts “e” (energy) for the former ones and “v” (visual) for the latter ones.

Professional Profile:

Since 2009, Dr. Pino has been a researcher of Optics in Technological University of Panama. He is the reviser for professional magazines, including Optik, I+D Technology, Foundation OSA (Optical Society of America Foundation). He is the member of American Optics Society and SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics).

He has made reports in 14 professional congresses, including National Science and Technology Congress in Panama, Conference ICO-23: Enlightening the future in Spain, National Meeting of Optics and IV Andean and Caribbean Conference of Optics and its Applications in Colombia, etc. 

He provided training services in 11 workshops and seminars of Optics and Photonics in Latin America and Europe.   

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