Efficient Lighting Forum 2017- Ruben Omar Sanchez, AADL, Light Pollution, Energy Saving and Efficiency in Urban Lighting


AADL, the Argentinian Association of Lighting is one of the most prestigious and long-standing lighting associations in Latin America. InterLumi Panama is glad to have its president Mr. Ruben Omar Sanchez to speaker at Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2017. 

Rubén Omar Sánchez


Argentinian Association of Lighting (AADL)

Light Pollution, Energy Saving and Efficiency in Urban Lighting  

·         Lighting general concepts.

·         Photometric characterization and classification.

·         Types of light pollution. Causes, effects, solutions.

·         Energy saving in public lighting

·         Bases for energy efficiency in lighting systems.

Professional Profile:

·           Engineer in Electronics, Tecnológica Nacional University – Córdoba Regional Faculty.

·           Specialized in Street Lightning from Tecnológica Nacional University – Córdoba Regional Faculty.

·           Certified in Design and Lightning Efficiency, Tecnológica Nacional University – Buenos Aires Regional Faculty.     

Business Activities:

Director and Technical Manager at F.E.M FABRICACIONES ELECTRO MECÁNICAS S.A. from 1986 to the present. The company manufactures and commercializes luminaires, steel columns and towers, traffic lights and accessories. He is also the Director of this company from 1993 to the present. 

Executive Director at Ingesa Consultancy Firm – Associate Specialist Engineers, the company specializes in street and urban lighting, sports lighting and traffic lights. The company carries out technical studies, audits and projects independently or in collaboration with other professionals or studies.  

At Argentinian Association of Lighting (AADL):

Former president of the Regional Center. Currently, President of the National Executive Council.

Speaker, moderator, coordinator and participant in different organizer and academic committees arranging congress, expositions, trainings regionally and nationally. 

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