Cooperation Agreement America Expo Group - Argentine Association of Lighting


InterLumi Panama seeks to strengthen Latin American lighting industry´s links

America Expo Group is glad to announce a cooperation agreement has been signed with Argentine Association of Lighting (AADL), one of the most prestigious and long-standing lighting associations in Latin America. With 50 years’ experience, the association is specialized in lighting technical study and promoting its proper use in the regional range. This agreement is part of a series of efforts the organizer of InterLumi has been making to establish closer relationships with institutions that share a common objective: to promote lighting industry all over the region and thereby contribute actively to Latin America´s economic development.


The main purpose of this agreement is to help promote InterLumi Panama 2017 and its Efficient Lighting Forum among AADL’s commercial and non-commercial members. On the other hand, the organizer of the show, America Expo Group, has engaged to provide AADL with a space for dialogue, where, among other things, will provide the opportunity of networking and sharing opinions and ideas with other associations, chambers and organizations of related industries, as well as sharing experiences and lighting knowledge for promoting efficient lighting culture in Panama and Latin America.


It is believed that the region is full of potential in energy saving and the market is promising. InterLumi positions itself a platform to advocate and stimulate the development of high efficiency in lighting industry while AADL’s mission is to promote and integrate the eco-friendly use of lighting. This cross-country collaboration connects the market of Central America and South America in a more qualified and professional manner.


To meet the experts from AADL and keep abreast with the trends in efficient lighting technology and products, take part in InterLumi Panama 2017 at ATLAPA Convention Center from June 29 to July 1, in Panama City.


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