Efficient Lighting Forum 2017 - Guillermo Redrado, ATP Lighting, Reliability, Protections and Useful Life: Key Points When Choosing LED Outdoor Lighting


ATP Lighting, a world leading manufacture of public lighting products, will participate in InterLumi Panama 2017. It is honored to have Mr. Guillermo Redrado, the vice president of operations from ATP Lighting as the speaker at Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2017. 

Guillermo Redrado

Vice President of Operations from ATP Lighting / Delegate of the Spanish Lighting Committee

ATP Lighting

ATP Lighting, Reliability, Protections and Useful Life: Key Points When Choosing LED Outdoor Lighting

The reliability, protections and useful life of luminaries are essential points as they guarantee the proper functioning of installations. This conference will address the aspects which should be taken into account when choosing a luminaire in order to ensure a reliable and guaranteed installation. There are three critical factors which can directly affect LED technology luminaires: heat dissipation, over voltage protections, luminaires´ design and materials. During the presentation, some heat tests determining luminaires’ useful life will be shown with the aim of revealing luminaires’ most critical component. Different types of over voltage and its damages on electronic components of LED lighting will be explained. Besides, the presentation will review the most important parameters of luminaires to assess their quality, through a clear and professional guideline to eventually choose the best quality option.

Professional Profile:


Engineer specialized in Electricity & Electronics with a Certificate in Telecommunications Systems and a Master degree in Sales Team Management. He has worked in multinationals such as Endesa, Telefónica Movistar and Rofin-Baasel. He has successfully developed lighting projects worldwide mainly in Europe, the Middle East and America. At a scientific level, he often collaborates with different universities on lines of research. For example, in collaboration with Málaga University he participated in the analysis of the influence of LED lighting on biodiversity, or the influence of different types of consumption regulations on electricity grid with Jaén University.

As an experienced international speaker, he has given technical conferences worldwide mainly related to electrical and outdoor lighting installations. Currently, he is an elected member of the Spanish Lightning Committee and responsible for one of its five delegations. He is the Vice President of Operations at Alumbrado Técnico Público S.A., a multinational company which owns ATP Lighting with a presence in more than 50 countries.

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