Efficient Lighting Forum 2017- Ron Zimmer, CABA, Internet of Things: Making Buildings Bright and Intelligent


CABA, the Continental Automated Buildings Association is a leading international, non-profit, industrial organization that promotes advanced technologies in homes and buildings. Ron Zimmer, the president & CEO of CABA will participate in Efficient Lighting Forum 2017 as one of the speakers. 

Ron Zimmer CAE

President & CEO

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

Title of presentation:

Internet of Things: Making Buildings Bright and Intelligent


Bullet Points:

•    Projected growth of IoT and business opportunities

•    Energy efficiency technology and improvements.

•‎   Advancing lighting controls and technology.

•    Real-time monitoring and control of building systems.

•    Centralized management and convergence of building systems through IoT.

Professional Profile:

Mr. Zimmer joined CABA in 1997 working with industry leaders who promote integrated systems and home/building automation throughout the world. CABA’s members include manufacturers, dealers, installers, service providers, energy utilities, builders, consultants, research organizations, publishers, educational institutions, governments, associations and content providers.

Ron is a Certified Association Executive with 30 years of Association Management experience. He has authored a number of articles and documents including, “Smart Communities: A Concept Paper,” and he regularly makes presentations on integrated buildings and home/building automation at many international industry events.

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