Transcript: Interview with Juan Pablo Franco Torres, Commercial Manager of GLED


Juan Pablo Franco Torres, Commercial Manager of GLED

(Replied originally in Spanish)

As a new exhibitor to InterLumi Panama, what do you think of this lighting fair? How did you know InterLumi Panama and decide to exhibit here?

Juan Pablo Franco Torres: We are glad to participate in InterLumi 2017. We knew about such important trade fair by prominent people from lighting industry which has influenced our trajectory as LED technology producers. We decided to take part in as exhibitors because we know this fair brings together the most important lighting sectors, and it is the way to showcase our products, and learn the latest state of the art technology through the forums, companies and the main players of the industry, in order to grow as a company and be part of the most important enterprises in Latin America & Caribbean.

Is there any impressive products or technologies you are going to bring and showcase at InterLumi Panama 2017?

Juan Pablo Franco Torres: Our products have the latest technological advances with the greatest efficiency and cost saving. We have a wide commercial offer with which we can contribute to the development of more effective and environmental-friendly lighting.

How would you comment on the lighting market in Latin American & Caribbean region?

Juan Pablo Franco Torres: Latin America & Caribbean lighting market is currently booming and is developing. As a LED technology manufacturer, we can contribute to the implementation of a cheaper and eco-friendly lighting through technological development.

This year, InterLumi is focusing more on energy efficiency and smart lighting. Not only the show but also the concurrent forum will discuss further in this regards. How do you like this?

Juan Pablo Franco Torres: It is priceless InterLumi 2017’s hard work to promote technological development, and the implementation not only of efficient, eco-friendly lighting but also in accordance with design, aesthetic, domestic and business ease use’s latest trends.

What would be your expectation on InterLumi Panama 2017 and your goals of participation?

Juan Pablo Franco Torres: We expect to collaborate in the development of this important fair; to acquire experience, information; to learn from all the possibilities rendered by InterLumi, and finally to make ourselves known within the Latin American market.