Efficient Lighting Forum is coming again alongside InterLumi Panama 2017


Efficient lighting Forum - Central America, the acclaimed concurrent event of InterLumi Panama, is now preparing a new edition at the 2017 show.

By unveiling the popularization of efficient lighting, advantages of using energy-saving and eco-friendly lights had been highlighted at the 2016 event. Currently,  most Latin American countries are phasing out the incandescent lamps, people there are taking an increasing notice of the latest technologies and application trends.

In this sense, the global buzzword smart lighting is not far away from the developing Latin American market, which offers the region a significant reachable option to upgrade their lighting facilities sharply with the cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) and intelligent energy management technologies. Sharing the same goal with smart lighting, renewable energy, as another remarkable tag, has been widely applied to supply power in the field of efficient lighting for infrastructural, residential and some commercial projects on large scale.

Recognized as the region’s most influential lighting event for experience-sharing and technical discussions, to keep up with the up-to-date trends in the industry, undoubtedly, the 2017 edition of Efficient Lighting Forum will lead the audience to further explore the benefits and best practices of smart lighting and renewable energy. Experts from relevant associations, academies, governmental authorities and media are expected to present the latest practical cases and extensive expertise vividly from multiple views.

Dr. Erico Spinadel, President of Argentine Wind Energy Association (AAEE), concerns  the relationship between efficient lighting and renewable energy, and will share his opinions in this respective at Efficient Lighting Forum 2017. Representative from the media, Mr. Mario C. Prieto Sanz, General Director of Smartlighting, is going to present a speech themed with smart lighting and LED. Further information about Dr. Erico Spinadel and Mr. Mario C. Prieto Sanz, together with other speakers’ profiles will be introduced in the upcoming news. Stay tuned!

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InterLumi Panama is an international lighting trade fair organized by America Expo Group (AEG), whose business is specialized in emerging market, mainly in Panama at present. Thanks to the geographic advantages of Panama, AEG will launch more trade-oriented events in various industries by combining its regional sources with the global network. The event will take place from 29 June to 1July, 2017 at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama. For more information, please visit www.inter-lumi.com or email info@america-expo.com.


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