New Osram UltraFlat System for Innovative Luminaire Designs


Source: Led Professional

With a depth of just 11 mm, the UltraFlat Osram DALI LED driver teams up perfectly with the PrevaLED Linear Slim LED module and the small Osram UltraFlat light and presence sensor to open up new and innovative luminaire design options that were not possible before.

The innovative Osram UltraFlat System will enable you to create unique, design-oriented luminaires with an effective installation depth of just 11 mm. With ultraflat components and a broad range of LED modules in various lengths and colors, the system solution combines practically every feature that creative luminaire manufacturers and lighting planners could wish for.

The new constant current Dali LED driver Osram Optoelectronic UltraFlat has the ideal qualities for innovative linear application areas: an ultraflat, market-leading casing height of just 11 mm, an array of programming options (Dali, LEDset2, NFC), adjustable output current, low current ripple (below 1 %), continuous dimming (1 % to 100 %, completely analog) and a high efficiency level (up to 93 %).

The Osram UltraFlat System is ideally complemented by the small, highly efficient Osram PrevaLED Linear Slim LED module and the likewise extremely compact Osram UltraFlat sensor (50 x20 x11 mm) with a coverage area of up to 6 x 6 m (motion) and 4 x 4 m (presence) at an installation height of 3 m.

From LED drivers to LED modules to light management systems – Osram has all the components necessary to implement comprehensive LED system solutions from a single source. Dependable, user-friendly and easily integrated, the Osram hardware and software helps lighting professionals undertake sophisticated LED projects for every type of luminaire and in every application area.

Osram customers benefit from a broad and diversified portfolio containing effective and durable products, and gain additional planning security thanks to a particularly wide-ranging system guarantee. Where necessary, Osram is also able to collaborate with customers in developing customized solutions.

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