GE unveils Alexa-embedded C LED lamp


By BizLED Bureau

With the aim to make your life simpler, GE Lighting will launch a suite of Internet-connected products, which the company has designed.

One of these connected products is a ‘C’—a sleek LED lamp with embedded Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). GE controls the LED lamp, which has all Alexa’s capabilities. Due to the voice command feature, the user of the LED lamp can listen to the headlines, order dinner, preheat the oven, or allow to control other GE and non-GE products with voice commands.

Works without a cellphone or switch

The LED luminaire also has the capabilities of a traditional Amazon Echo device which does not require a stand-alone Echo unit, hub or even a smartphone.

The users would only need to plug in the ‘C’ lamp and connect to Alexa to start all of the functions, and the smart device will inter-connect with all devices throughout the home.

“This integration is much more than connecting lighting to voice integration,” said Jeff Patton, general manager Connected Home Products, GE Lighting. Consumers will not need a cellphone, a switch or a hub to start the devices. They just need their voice.

GE is working with ecosystem partners to create this seamless connected experience.

Connected home (IoT) market

According to GE, the connected home (IoT) market will grow threefold over the next few years. Consumers would demand such a seamless experience. The introduction of the LED lamp with Alexa would leverage something that the consumers always use in the the house—lighting.

“We are happy to work with GE Lighting to bring Alexa to the LED lamp,” said Aaron Brown, director of Alexa. “Voice will be the future of home automation, and the combination of Alexa with the GE LED table lamp, will offer people with a seamless way to interact with their homes,” he added.

GE is also considering a lit crib mobile that will detect a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to protect against Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS).

The third idea that GE is considering is a lighting solution that tracks activity in the home. The lighting will find out who is at home, and would accordingly customize lighting within each room based on one’s preferences and habits.

Famed designer Richard Clarkson will design some of the features of the Alexa-embedded lamp. The ‘C’ lamp will be available in early 2017.