Panama as a Distribution Hub for Chinese Products


The Asian country believes that the improvement in the country's logistical conditions as a result of the Canal expansion, represents an opportunity to set up a distribution platform geared towards Latin America.

Panama already serves as a bridge, or as a window for the transit of Chinese goods into Latin America, and I think with the logistics development in Panama this role will increase more and will be made more use of by Chinese enterprises'said the permanent representative at the Office of Chinese-Panamanian Business Development, Wang Weihua, according to

The official was speaking during a visit of the delegation of Chinese businessmen to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP). This group of companies is the largest private sector representation from the Asian country to come to Panama in the last ten years.

At the same meeting, which also included the participation of local businessmen, the Panamanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Nestor Gonzalez, acknowledged that the Government of Panama is exploring the possibility of achieving closer ties with China, citing BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as the main engine to Panama becoming a platform for the distribution of Chinese products in Latin America.

The participation of Chinese enterprises in various construction and logistics projects in Panama has gained strength in recent months. For months, Chinese companies have been increasingly involved in construction projects in the country.