Philips Lighting adds dimmer control for ZigBee-based Hue LED lamps


(Source: Ledsmagazine Published on: August 26, 2015)

By Maury Wright 
Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine

Four-button control can be wall mounted or handheld to simply control as many as 10 Hue LED lamps configured as a group or zone, and the new kit includes a warm-white dimmable LED bulb.

Philips Lighting has announced the Hue wireless dimming kit that includes a new four-button switch/control and one Hue warm-white, dimmable LED lamp. The controller can be handheld, or magnetically held in place in a wall-mounted plate that enables on/off and dimming control with a more traditional feel, even without a ZigBee wireless bridge in a home. The new control can also work alongside the more typical smartphone controls in Hue applications that include the bridge, and the dimmer can be linked directly with a group of as many as ten LED lamps that are virtually grouped together.

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The new wireless dimmer marks the second time that Philips has introduced a Hue control product that provides more traditional on/off and dimming functionality as opposed to depending on tablets, phones, or PCs for control. At Light+Building (L+B) in the spring of 2014, Philips introduced the tabletop-intended Tap product that was battery free and used an energy-harvesting switch to send a wireless message to one or more Hue lamps. The new wireless controller is based on a CR2450 coin-cell-type battery.